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nikos 08-12-03 08:46 PM

Got my 2nd set of rims, cassette went on fine, dropped in nice, calipers way off!!!!
Alright, just as I thought I was crusin along setting up my new rims.....the caliper adjustments put a halt to my success. My current rims - Mavic x139's with avid disk rotors/shimano deore M525 hubs. My new rims - Mavic x223, Aztec rotors (2mm thick) it appears they are thicker than the avids. Shimano Deore XT m756 hubs. I thinking, they look almost identical - no problem with much adjusting....not the case. I was able to get the new front rim in and adjust the caliper setting to make it work w/o rub, but the result is soft grip pressure. The back rim was a different case, the rotor sticks tight against the inner brake pad. I tried the adjusters, tried loosening the mounts to see if I could set it to the new rims - no luck. Even with the inner (larger) adjuster all the way out, the rotor is tight against it. What is my next move? Do I take it to the lbs - or is there something I can do. With all the adjusting, I could strip and put on a set of tires - eliminating the second set idea!!

nikos 08-12-03 09:33 PM

After looking at each rear rim carefully. I noticed that the rims that came with my cannondale - that there is a spacer between the hub and the rotor - just about the amount that is lacking with the new setup. It looks like a spacer is needed on the new rim and that should solve it.........right?

Rev.Chuck 08-12-03 09:38 PM

I have never had a customer using two sets of disc rims, but my thought would be space the rotors to match or make a compromise adjustment to caliper postion with the rotor movement being the best choice.

nikos 08-13-03 09:55 AM

Took it into Eriks Bikes - original purchase shop. Found out that Cannondale tosses on a metal ring to fit the rotor to the caliper - instead of shiming the caliper in towards the rotor. More or less a quicker step for them? Got the spacer taken off and the caliper shimed up for both rims!!

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