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TomBrooklyn 12-16-07 08:22 AM

What kind of grease for hubs?
What kind of grease is good for hubs? I got some auto grease. Is that good?

buddyp 12-16-07 10:20 AM

what are you, some kinda troublemaker? Coming in here and trying to start a fight?

wroomwroomoops 12-16-07 10:26 AM

I use lithium grease for hubs.

J T CUNNINGHAM 12-16-07 10:38 AM

'Gentlemen - you can't fight in here, this is the War Room!'

(Dr Strangelove)


Nessism 12-16-07 11:58 AM

Any general purpose auto/bike grease is fine for hubs. If you use a heavy/thick grease like marine grease, don't put a ton into the drive side bearings (if you have a Shimano freehub) since the grease can work up into the freewheel mechanism and cause it to hang.

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