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Script 01-17-08 03:36 PM

Solid or Spin Skins
I've been hoping to be able to have repaired my last flat. Can anyone tell me if Spin Skins are worth the investment? Also, anyone using the solid rubber tires? Are they really as bad as advertised?

Lambo 01-17-08 04:02 PM

Never used Spin Skins or airless tires.
However, I have used slime strips in my tires for years in my commuters. I believe they work pretty well.

froze 01-17-08 08:14 PM

Depends if your a weight wennie or not. Spin Skins have 2 versions; the first is called Duro and that one is the lightest but only lasts about 5,000 miles at a cost of $29 a pair it seems nuts to buy unless you have money to burn. The second version is the Race, this one is the lightest at only 34 grams but stronger then the Duro(?) and supposely last about 12,000 miles but again the cost is $43 a pair and again seems nuts to me. These liners use Aramid fibers to prevent flats but it is a fiber and thorns can penetrate a fiber just as an knife or an arrow can penetrate a kevlar vest. That's why I think the Mr Tuffy is better if your dead set on using liners. Here's a review and you can decide for yourself:

Personally I believe after living in the desert and having encountered all sorts of thorns and especially Goatheads, that your first line of defense against objects should be the tire not some liner or tube. I averaged about 5 flats a week trying everything from liners to Slime Tubes (CRAPPY TUBES, especially useless in road tires!) to combining kevlar tires, Mr Tuffy liners and Slime Tubes all which resulted in the flats going to about 2 a week. The best tire I found was the Specialized Aramdillo; once I went with this tire I no longer needed a liner nor a Slime or flat resistent tube and in fact went with a ultralight 65gram racing tube and my flats were zero for 3 years.

Keep in mind that if you use an average tire that weighs 240 grams plus add a Mr Tuffy liner at 100 grams, then a thorn resistent tube at 90 grams (Slime weights 120) your up to 430 grams. But a Aramadillo weight will be the same or less depending on the model you select and your needs. The All Condition model extends the flat protection into the sidewalls making it one tough but stiff tire; this is the tire I used because I was having sidewall penetrations that the Conti Gatorskin failed to protect against.

white lobster 01-18-08 09:44 AM

I recently found out that Spin Skins are no match for a New Mexico goathead (few things are). Froze is right that a good tire will do more for you than a crappy tire and all the Slime in the world. I've always thought that Armadillos rode like crap (tough sidewalls, I guess), but if flat-resistance is what you're looking for, they're hard to beat.

Stay far, far away from solid tires. They're heavy, they're nearly impossible to mount, they ride like crap and they're hard on rims.

z415 01-18-08 07:27 PM

Slime strips work great.

froze 01-20-08 09:44 AM

Two things I forgot to mention in regards to tire liners.

First thing is that you have to sand down the edge of the liner that will be in contact with the tube because it will eventually rub a hole in thin tubes.

Second thing is that you have to use a thicker tube (cheap heavy Walmart type of tubes usually work) so that even after you sanded down the edge of the liner the likely hood of the liner still rubbing a hole is severly reduced. And of course the use of a thicker tube means more rotational weight.

MudPie 01-20-08 11:29 AM

Originally Posted by froze (Post 6015894)
Two things I forgot to mention in regards to tire liners.

First thing is that you have to sand down the edge of the liner that will be in contact with the tube because it will eventually rub a hole in thin tubes.

Froze, well said. I had some Slime liners that wore long cuts into the tube, leading to holes after five or six mountain bike rides. The edge of the liners left a distinct mark around the tube, and it wasn't difficult to correlate the slices in the tube to the liner. Needless to say, I was not impressed with Slime tire liners.

I've used Mr Tuffy liners in the past with better success, but I did wear a hole in the tube at the liner overlap after a year or so of use. I could live with annual tube replacement.

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