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slopvehicle 07-25-08 03:15 PM

LX front derailleur on 26-36-48?
I'm gearing down my Cross Check for touring, and just purchased a Sugino XD600 set with 26-36-48 rings. I have an LX front derailleur left over from a different build. Will it shift okay with a 48t ring? Or would it be better to get a road triple derailleur designed to handle a 53t ring?

I've heard the LX is really only intended to work with 44t outer rings.


maddmaxx 07-25-08 03:48 PM

Some LX derailleurs are rated for 48 rings on touring bikes. I don't think that Shimano changes the cage very much, I think that they just fudge the rating a little. Go ahead and use it.

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