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edwinw 09-21-08 11:01 PM

Hone axle-mounted derailleur mountable to regular rear hub?
It seems like quite a few places are selling the Shimano Hone rear derailleur at a pretty decent price, problem is that it's made to connect onto the Hone rear hubs which are a bit harder to find and aren't that cheap.

I haven't bought the derailleur yet, just wondering what exactly is it that prevents the Hone derailleur from being mounted on a regular hub, and whether it's something that can be addressed with extra parts or modding. Thanks!

DMF 09-22-08 12:25 PM

pics? linkie?

edwinw 09-25-08 07:10 PM

Well here it is on ebay for $14:

and here's a page saying that it's mounted directly to the rear axle:

Any ideas?

DMF 09-26-08 03:43 PM

"This rear derailleur mounts directly to the axle included with the Hone rear hub. As a result, it must be used with the Hone hub (or other hubs which adopt the same design)."

That seems pretty unequivocal. The difference is probably the length of the axle.

How about a claw-style RD? Most of them are pretty cheap too.

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