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YungBurke 03-13-09 05:46 PM

Strange popping under braking
Hey guys
I have been experiencing a sort of popping when braking hard. It seems to occur when there is a torque on the fork about the head tube. I am guess this has something to do with the headset tightness. The LBS which I bought my bike from is kind of shabby, but the only Jamis dealer around me so I was a bit over a barrel and I fear they tightened the headset improperly. I have ridden about 300 miles on it before realizing I could be doing permanent damage. Is this possible? how can I go about checking torque? I know headsets have a recommended torque, and If permanent damage was inflicted I intend to have the LBS replace it on their dollar since they were the original assembler, and took a hefty charge for assembly over MSRP. Thanks in advance.

LarDasse74 03-13-09 08:12 PM

It is possible your headset has been damaged, but it's also very possibly fine and just came out of adjustment over time (which happens on most new bikes). If you want the shop to pay for any damage you will have to take it back and ask them to adjust it and check for damage. Most bike shops give some free service for a set period of time after selling a bike...

Good luck dealing with the shop if they are as bad as you say, though. Remember - you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar ;)

YungBurke 03-14-09 12:31 PM

How can I check the torque? The problem has existed for the duration of my ownership so not a gradual loosening. I searched the forums, but I cant find any threads titled as so, nor very relevant. I do have lifetime service on the bike, but considering it took me about a month to get the bike dialed in after purchase, im not sure I trust their wrenching over mine. The shop employs a guy younger than me that according to my assessment knows the same to less than me about cycling mechanics. When I asked to have to bike tuned, he couldnt do it without the main shopowner. I know that part of the bike price is in the LBS, but I really wanted this particular bike and planned to do most maintainance and just pay to have my shop so major work.

LarDasse74 03-16-09 10:18 AM

Originally Posted by YungBurke (Post 8528901)
How can I check the torque?

The actual torque value used to tighten the headset is not often used, AFAIK. Professionals always adjust the headset by 'feel' and trial and error.


Scoll down the page to find the heading: "Headset Adjustment - Threadless Type," and follow these instructions.

Also, in the future, the actual brand or model of bike you get is often of little importance - 99% of bikes are made by the same handful of companies and factories in China and Taiwan. Usually if the LBS that sells a particular brand is not good to deal with, another LBS will cary a similar bike from a different brand but make the purchase and subsequent service far less stressful... and a good bike shop can often work with you to modify an off-the-rack bike to more closely meet your needs.

YungBurke 03-23-09 04:21 PM

unfortunately, very few manufacturers make lightweight steel at a good price.

Panthers007 03-23-09 07:01 PM

LBS I bought from didn't even bother to adjust the headset. They just slapped the bike together and handed it to me. If I wasn't a trained bike-mechanic, that headset would have died long ago. It was on WAAAAY to tight.

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