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trueno92 06-21-09 01:17 PM

Mavic "hidden" Eyelets, where to buy extras?
ok, if I have a rim with broken eyelets, I'll need replacements.

from what I can describe, it looks like these:

the "U" shape part in the center. I desperately need 16 of these :D

or the sunken part, here:

trueno92 06-22-09 07:18 AM

trueno92 06-22-09 07:19 AM

jsharr 06-22-09 10:54 AM

When the eyelets started failing on the Matrix Titan wheelset on my old (1988) Trek 1000 in 2005, my LBS told me it was time for a new wheel, or at the very least, a new rim laced onto my old hub. Not sure if this is always the case.

nitropowered 06-22-09 05:18 PM

You should just buy a new rim

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