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tonski 06-21-09 06:50 PM

Kysrium SSC SL Rear Drive Side Spoke Replacement
There is a little "star" shaped ring holding a washer over the bottom of the spokes. Any ideas on how to get that out so that I may take a broken spoke out and replace it? Or is there a way to jimmy the spoke out (the nipple seems too big to do this but maybe I'm not jimmying correctly)? Or please confirm that I just need one of Mavic's propriety tools.

tonski 06-21-09 06:56 PM

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Here is a picture of what I mean:

DaveSSS 06-22-09 06:46 AM

The star shaped part does not comes off - it's part of the hub. Just behind it is a circlip that has to be removed. Find the opening in the clip and expand the clip to remove it. I know there are special pliers for this purpose, but a carefully applied small screwdriver will probably do the trick.

tonski 06-29-09 10:54 PM

Ahh, can't believe I missed that. Thanks man! No problems using a screw driver to get it apart - that's how we got them off on FA18 "junk" too lol.

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