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buckfifty 06-22-09 09:51 AM

scratches on braking surface of rim
hi, i got my front wheel stuck in a cement crack and the braking surface got all scratched. is there a way to sand or buff it out?


Metzinger 06-22-09 09:59 AM

In time, the brake pads will take care of them.
It'll be annoying until then but you'll wreck them if you try to grind them out.

A few downhill stops could fix them.

Pragmatik 06-22-09 12:06 PM

Is it on the edge where there the rim meets the tire? You might sand that with some VERY fine sandpaper, to keep from puncturing your tire there.

But the brakes will totally take care of the rest -- Metzinger's right.

mrrabbit 06-22-09 01:43 PM

Steel wool works fine for me...however wipe rim clean when done.


calamarichris 06-22-09 01:53 PM

The brake pads may eventually wear down those scratches, but possibly at the expense of your brake pad service life, effectiveness, balance, etc.
Another vote for either steel wool, or a very light sandpaper. I wouldn't use any waxes or chemicals to buff it out.
Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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