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embe 06-22-09 01:50 PM

fsa mega exo bb to ultegra 6600 bb
I'm switching out from an FSA Omega Triple w/ Mega Exo external bottom bracket to a full Ultegra 6600 double setup.

I need to know which bottom bracket tools I need to purchase to complete the job, I've already got a crank puller.

Thanks guys for the help!

bikinfool 06-22-09 03:57 PM

8 and 5mm allen wrenches and a bb cup tool like the Park BBT 19 for removing the old one, same bb cup tool and 5mm allens and a TL-FC16 adjuster cap tool to install new one (although if you're creative you could live without the TL-FC16, don't think Shimano includes it with the crank any more although they're like $2.50). Instructions for the cranks here and here

ps Yep, forgot the torque wrench like pmt says. Unless you're confident in your abilities to determine torque...

pmt 06-22-09 04:21 PM

Don't forget a torque wrench.

embe 06-22-09 05:05 PM

You guys rock. Thanks so much for the info.

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