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Lurcher 06-22-09 04:55 PM

Click or thunk when downward pressure is applied to right pedal
Hi everyone,

I recently bought a Kona Paddy Wagon, and I've been having a little bit of difficulty with the cranks or bottom bracket, or something in that area. I bought it roughly a week ago and I've put about 300km on it by now. Whatever the problem is, my LBS will fix it at no charge, but it would help me to have an idea of what's causing it before I go in and give them my bike for a day or two.

My problem is that at the very bottom of my right crank's rotation (straight down, or pretty close to it) there feels like there is a little gap or pop. It makes an audible clunking noise and I can feel a vibration in both pedals. It doesn't seem to happen at low speeds, but when I put more pressure on the pedals to speed up, or I am maintaining a higher speed, it occurs. I can also hear/feel it when I push down on the right pedal to stand up when coasting, but it doesn't occur if I use my left pedal as leverage to stand up. It doesn't seem like it's hampering my pedalling at all, but it does give me a bit of worry.

I am a heavier rider (around 185lbs), but I seriously doubt I'm putting out excessive pressure. I'm not standing on the pedals and mashing, the majority of my weight is on the seat, ect. Any ideas?

operator 06-22-09 07:45 PM

Bring it to the shop and don't **** with it yourself.

Jeff Wills 06-22-09 09:30 PM

Originally Posted by Lurcher (Post 9147728)
Any ideas?

Clicks, pops, squeaks in the crank area is a symptom of a loose crankarm. Unless you are absolutely sure this is not the case, DO NOT RIDE THE BIKE. Riding with a loose crankarm can cause the interface between the crankarm and the spindle to be distorted, ruining the arm.

Take the bike back to the shop, describe the problem, and then don't sign off on it until the problem goes away and stays away. If the click/pop/vibration reappears, the shop should replace the entire crankset.

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