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yrrej 06-23-09 08:19 PM

Found a VAR tire jack :)
If anyone is looking for the famous VAR Tire Jack... (in Yanceyville NC) has'em at $16 + shipping.

Fast shipping and very nice on the phone.


Panthers007 06-23-09 08:40 PM

Never heard of this "famous" object. And, it appears, neither has whatever that it is your link goes to.

bikinfool 06-23-09 08:50 PM

Uh, yeah, famous? And a link to the homepage is only so helpful...

JanMM 06-23-09 08:53 PM

google is not familiar with Vex Tire Jack

yrrej 06-23-09 08:58 PM

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Originally Posted by yrrej (Post 9155012)
If anyone is looking for the famous Vex Tire Jack... (in Yanceyville NC) has'em at $16 + shipping.

Fast shipping and very nice on the phone.


Ok...It is a VAR tire jack...It is getting late....

bikinfool 06-23-09 09:15 PM

I forget, the point of the post is? I'm not googling again. Why is this object famous and desireable? While have heard of VAR before, no particular experience in needing one of their tools let alone this one...

z415 06-23-09 09:25 PM

Famous?... not entirely.

Desirable? Yes, if you have a stubborn tire/rim combination. I should probably get one. I have a Vittoria that broke 4 Park Tool tire levers - have to pray for not getting flats when I ride. Heck, it is so bad that sometimes, when I am itching for a ride but really dreading a flat, I would drive to a MUP/rail-trail to ride. Very sad.

Kool Stop makes one that seems less portable.

Panthers007 06-23-09 09:31 PM

I'm a big fan of the VAR Super Tyre-Tool (made in UK). I have 2 of 'em and they truly get the meanest, nastiest clincher to drop easily up and onto a rude and protesting rim. Check on eBay if you are interested. The guy who has them is on vacation right now, but he may have them up again when he gets back. They are very hard to come by in the US.

For Weight-Weenies - they fit easily into a pocket/pack and weigh close to nothing.

Not going to comment further regards the above matter. ^^^

<EDIT> This is the EBay guy's link:

bikinfool 06-23-09 10:40 PM

If a tire fits so badly I can't do it with mostly my fingers (or a little off help with levers), it don't get to stay around long, but not a big problem for the most part.

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