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125psi 06-24-09 07:31 AM

Specialized Stem- Multi-Position Stem: installing
Hi- Installed a new Specialized Stem last night - shorter with a more of a rise. The specialized stem comes with an insert allowing you to modify the rise angle from +16, -8, +8, -16. When removing the old Stem there was a 4mm gap between the stem and the top of the steer tube. The new Specialized stem is slightly different. When put on it there is not a consistent gap all around.- it's angled. The lowest being approx 7mm and the shallow part about 4-5mm. I installed this anyways ensuring there was no play prior to tightening the stem bolts. There's no details from the Specialized site on installing this stem. All they give you is a doc which describes all of the possible angles. Everything seems solid. I went on a .5 mile afterwards and it seems goods. Anyone foresee issues?


JiveTurkey 06-24-09 10:41 AM

The uneven gap probably straightened itself out upon pre-loading the headset with the top cap bolt. If you're curious whether the inconsistency is still there, just remove the top cap (it will not affect the headset's adjustment as the stem's pinch bolts hold it).

Also, it's best to have the upper pinch bolt below the top of the steerer. If it is pinching at or above the steerer, you may want to add a small spacer under the stem. Just don't add too big of one because the top of the stem still needs to sit a few mm above the steerer or else the top cap could bottom out on the steerer before proper pre-load is achieved.

125psi 06-24-09 08:46 PM

Hi - stopped by the LBS for approval and apparently I did it right. The stem is a little different due to the sleeve that you insert to change the angle rise. When he popped off the top cap the different in gap depth was still there. The Specialized top cap is tapered to only go on one way which compensates for the difference in the gap I noted above. If this was a regular stem I probably wouldn't be writing this email.... I do like the Specialized stem concept.

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