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Riverside_Guy 09-12-09 03:06 PM

Presta Valve Cores
I see Tufo Presta cores running 3 to 10 bucks each. I see Vittoria running 9 bucks for 10. Seems a big delta... anyone have any feel for how much actual quality difference there may be (if any)?

Any dangers using common tools to remove, install them? Tufo seems to have something that looks like simple rubber gizmo...

FBinNY 09-12-09 03:12 PM

I'm assuming they're both built to the same standard. The replaceable cores I've used have wrench flats milled on the smaller (valve cap) thread.

Assuming, they're interchangeable buy the less expensive ones. I doubt there'd be a major quality difference. Even if there were, you could replace them twice and still be ahead. The large price difference is probably packaging and marketing driven, rather than functional or quality.

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