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border919 03-27-10 11:54 PM

fuji fixie,what size bottom bracket and spindle length?
I am building a fixie. I purchased a sugino xd crankset. The fuji has a 70mm bottom bracket with english threads(some of them have 70mm bottom brackets and english threads). I am wondering what length spindle should i use?the 68mm bottom bracket with english threads will sink in a little bit,but i want to know what size spindle i need? the cranks are square taper and have a 110 bolt pattern cirle.does this mean to use a 110 spindle?thanks.if it helps my wheels are origin8 time attack deep v's. with a 17 tooth cog.thanks

Torchy McFlux 03-28-10 01:04 AM

You need a 68x103 JIS bottom bracket.
If the BB shell is 70mm wide, Fuji screwed up. But it's only off by a bit, so don't worry about it.

border919 03-28-10 07:25 AM

that bottom bracket would work with those specific cranks?i just want to make sure so i dont order the wrong part.thanks

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