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dabac 05-12-10 06:42 AM

Travel adjustment on Rockshox forks?
Hi all,
I'm looking at the internal travel adjustment for Rockshox forks, where there's a bushing that can be added/removed for setting up the fork. And the part that I can't figure out is if the adjustment is on the "upper " end or the "lower" end.

Will a fork set for 80 mm travel have the same axle-to-crown as a 100 mm, but bottom out faster?

Or will a fork set for 80 mm travel have 20 mm less axle-to-crown as a 100 mm, and hit full extension faster?

(the above assuming that pressures and sag are set up correctly for both forks)

Metzinger 05-12-10 07:14 AM

On adjustable travel forks, the longer travel position has the fork crown sitting higher when uncompressed. On older RockShox models I've worked on, shortening the top-out spring/bumper allowed them to telescope out farther. Then it was a matter of adding spring/air/elastomer to the compression side.

dabac 05-12-10 07:18 AM

I got the bright idea to google axle-to-crown, and according to that the long travel axle does ride higher. I hoped for that, but mechanically it could have been either.

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