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buzzkill87 05-24-10 04:01 PM

Chain stuck between chain-stay and sprocket cluster??
I am a complete newbie to the biking world and know absolutely nothing about bikes but I've been commuting to work on my road bike and I love it! Problem is that I recently bought a used sears-roebuck free spirit 10-speed and the chain keeps coming off.

It happened two times in the rear when I went up small hills. I shifted down to the lowest gear. I simply pulled the chain off and put it back on and it seemed to work fine but then two days ago the same thing happened. I was going up a steep hill so I shifted down and all of a sudden my chain got wedged between the smallest gear thing and the metal bar right by the gears (excuse my lack of bike terminology).

How can I fix this problem? I've tried pulling out the chain with a lot of force but it's wedged really tight. My boyfriend couldn't get it out and I don't want to screw up my bike. I've thought about just buying a wrench and taking off the back wheel, then putting the chain back on but will that fix the problem long-term? Is there a larger problem that needs to be fixed? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I love riding my bike and really want to be able to use it everyday without fear that I'll have to end up walking it home...


Torchy McFlux 05-24-10 04:08 PM

The derailleur limit screws need adjusting, and the derailleur hanger alignment should be checked. To release the chain, loosen the nut on the right side of the rear hub. It should come out fairly easily.

cyclist2000 05-24-10 04:18 PM

+1 yea, do what McFlux said.

Did you know that when you are going up hills and shift to a lower gear that the rear gear should go to a larger rear sprocket? It sounds like you are doing the opposite.

reptilezs 05-24-10 04:27 PM

chain stay and cluster sounds more like shifting to high gear to me. anyways check the limit screws and adjust the derailleur

AndrewP 05-25-10 10:41 AM

The two screws on the back of the derailler need to be adjusted so the chain doesnt jump off the small sprocket and jam in the frame or off the big sprocket and jam in the spokes. Use the big sprocket for going up hills.

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