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Bob N. 05-25-10 10:04 AM

New fork for hybrid
Hello all,

I have a 5yr old Marin SanRafael hybrid that I wanted to change the fork from the clunky suspension one to a decent rigid one. How do I go about making sure I get the right size? Can I get a slightly different size/shape and make the overall bike geometry more aggresive/better handling? It would be nice to do this myself, but I don't want to run into trouble.


Bob N. 05-25-10 09:44 PM

Can you/is it advisable to mount a road fork on a hybrid?

shouldberiding 05-25-10 10:10 PM

Originally Posted by Bob N. (Post 10866398)
Can you/is it advisable to mount a road fork on a hybrid?

No, it's not advisable. What you need is a suspension corrected fork like this one.

You will of course need to get one for whatever size wheels you have and correct steerer tube diameter.

Swapping a suspension fork for a road fork would "nose down" your bicycle because it doesn't have the sweep (extra height for suspension travel) that original fork has. You might end up with wheel clearance problems (maybe with the down tube or forks due to tire diameter) as well with a shorter fork. I've never tried it but I'd assume you'd have nothing but problems.

Do a Google search for "Suspension corrected fork" to find your options.

JiveTurkey 05-26-10 01:19 AM

Suspension-corrected forks come in different axle to crown lengths (measured from where the wheel's axle is to the bottom of the headset). Hybrid forks usually have a relatively short travel and therefor shorter A-C length.

You should measure the A-C of the current fork and subtract the sag (the amount of suspension travel that is used by just sitting on it). Find a rigid fork with about the same A-C.

To replace with a new fork, you'll need to remove the headset crown race from the old fork, re-install the crown race on the new fork, cut the new fork to the desired length, install a new headset star-nut, and install the fork. A lot of these steps are best done with the special tools, if you don't have access to these tools or a co-op where you can use them, it makes more sense financially to have the shop do it.

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