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The best of both wheels

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The best of both wheels - new wheels for a hybrid bike

Ok, I was on the verge of ordering a new set of wheels for my Dawes Discovery 601 Hybrid (135mm OLD rear) - Mavic Open Pro rims on Shimano LX hubs. All lovely and good, but then the voice of reason suggested that, since I do occasionally ride with loaded panniers on rough roads, a touring rim really would be far more sensible. Over the last few days I've learned a lot about the various products and options available, but right now it's making my head spin. At the risk of boring you all senseless with my inane over-think, I humbly lay the matter before you;

I want; faster, lighter quickness for normal use, with the option of occasionally carrying loaded panniers. Myself, I'm a light build weighing around 67kg / 146lb

Option 1)
REAR: hand built with a Mavic A319 or A719 rim on a Shimano LX rear hub
FRONT: hand built with a Mavic Open Pro rim on a LX hub
OR a factory road front wheel eg Shimano RS10
Or is this a pointless attempt to have my cake and eat it? I had assumed that it's the rear wheel that takes most weight when pannier bags are loaded so I could get away with a narrow, light front wheel. That is, unless you tell me the front wheel also takes more stress, particularly when braking, so a set of touring wheels are definitely required.

The RS10 front wheel is even a cheaper compromise.

Option 2)
A hand built Mavic A319 on LX hubs wheelset.
Good solid touring wheelset - a slight upgrade in quality from my previous wheels, but nothing I'll notice while riding. The pragmatist's choice?

Option 3)
A hand built Mavic A119 on LX hubs wheelset.
Suitable for touring, lighter than the A319, and cheap enough that I could also afford a set of faster rolling tyres.

Option 4)
Mavic Open Pro rims on LX hubs + build a cheap spare rear wheel for touring and riding under load
Less practically optimal yet somehow more fun?



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i have toured(4000-4500 miles) with a mavic cxp22 front rim with deore hub and it held up fine even with front panniers, still using it on my commuter. rear wheel was an alex adventurer with tiagra hub
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If you have spare change in your wallet, go with option #2. A119 is also a quality rim and should serve you well when properly laced...excellent choice if $ is tight. Or you can check out the Open Sport for about $23. I went with Open Sport because my local BM price-matching stores (Performance and Jensen) did not carry A319. Durability appears to be on par with Open Pro. After about 3K miles, the front and rear wheels are still within +/-0.002" axially/radially. The wheels were within 0.001" when new.
I did noticed that the QC on the Open Sport is not that great. Exchange the rim if you see a gap at the pinned joint.
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