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es1bkacsur 06-19-10 09:41 PM

SRAM shifter ratios?
I have a Trek 720 multitrack with Shimano 200CX rear deraileur & 12 to 28 tooth sprocket set that I wanted to convert from twistgrip shifter to lever style. I got a SRAM TRX trigger shifter, suposedly new in original package, off Ebay at a low price. The 1st one I installed with the chain & shifer both in 7th gear. I shifted it up thru the gears to 1st & it got stuck in 1st & 2nd. Sent it back for a repalcement & the 2nd one sometimes either stuck like the 1st one or skipped over 1 or 2 gears from 1 shifter click.
I've noticed that the TRX I have is listed as "2:1 Actuation Ratio" QUESTION- do I need to get a shifter listed as "1:1 Actuation Ratio" like a SRAM X.3 trigger shifter because a 2:1 is incompatable with my deraileur or are the SRAM shifters just not good?

531phile 06-19-10 11:21 PM

your shimano derailleur is 1:1 ratio so you will need a shifter with a 1:1 ratio.

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