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shubonker 06-24-10 09:16 AM

Loose Ball Bearing Hub Clacking Sound
My front hub is loose ball bearing hub and depending on how i move the bike, the ball bearings clack together making a clacking sound.

I opened up the hub and the bearings inside were not packed tightly together, not sure if they are supposed to but there are a considerable amount of space, enough to fit one more bearing. Would it fix the clacking sound with another bearing ball inside?

Thanks for the help.

cny-bikeman 06-24-10 09:28 AM

Front hub should have 10 ball bearings. If you don't know how many in a particular bearing and can't find the info put in until the last one won't quite fit and remove it. They often clack when the grease has broken down or when you use very light grease, but adjustment would generally need to be loose also.

davidad 06-24-10 09:29 AM

No. There should be 10 3/16" balls in the front hub of most wheels.
The proper adjustment of the bearings is to leave a small of play that goes away when the quick release is closed. The QR should be tight enough to leave a dent in your palm when it is closed.

shubonker 06-24-10 10:13 AM

Its not QR, it's got nuts. I'll go count em later.

khanom 06-24-10 10:22 AM

The number and size of the bearings depends on the hub. A "missing" bearing won't cause that sound, but pitted cones and/or hub races would (depending on what you mean by clacking).

cny-bikeman 06-24-10 04:03 PM

Yes, bearings WILL cause a sound that sounds like they are hitting each other - because that's what they are doing. If the hub is slightly loose and the lubrication light or loose due to contamination they will shift backand forth. Almost every case I have seen has been a bearing with grease broken down by water contamination, and I saw many do this in my career.

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