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bj-99 01-18-11 09:23 AM

question: parrafin waxed chains
For those of you using a Parrafin wax soak for your chain. How long does it last? How many miles between waxing?

HillRider 01-18-11 09:33 AM

Depends greatly on your riding conditions. Dry and clean roads, I'd rewax every 500 miles or so. Wet and dirty roads required more frequent application to prevent rust.

sch 01-18-11 09:34 AM

Depends on whether you think cold wax can maintain its lubricity inside the rollers of the chain. Seems unlikely outside of summers in death valley or Arizona.
Of course the warmer the wax the more of a dirt magnet it becomes. For cold weather (below ~110F) use I agree with Sheldon Brown, it is a lot of trouble for not much
gain. There are much better lubes around. My feeling is that its lubricity would last hours unless mixed with some lower melting point greases or oils.

HillRider 01-18-11 09:58 AM

Wax is actually a fairly decent chain lube and, years ago when I used it, my chains lasted very well and ran quietly. Obviously, it's big plus is extreme cleanliness. I never got a chain tatoo on me or got chain marks on anything else.

However, it's a true PITA to do properly and you must have a chain with a master link these days. I did it when chains had reusable pins (pre 8-speed) and stopped when specific joining pins became the norm. I don't miss it.

San Rensho 01-18-11 10:00 AM

The hair grows back on my chain in about 6 weeks. Those brazilian waxes get expensive.

HillRider 01-18-11 10:14 AM

Originally Posted by San Rensho (Post 12093987)
The hair grows back on my chain in about 6 weeks. Those brazilian waxes get expensive.

Try Nair. It should last for about two months. :)

lee kenney 01-18-11 10:17 AM

parafin chains
I like WHITE LIGHTNING ,I toss a couple of used ball bearings in the container to aid in the mixing .It' wax based

chi-james 01-18-11 11:42 AM

I've been cooking my chains with wax + a Teflon oil additive... I commute all seasons in Chicago about 120 miles a week, and have reapplied the wax to my chain 2x from mid-2010 to now... YMMV.

JTGraphics 01-18-11 12:11 PM

I use a hot wax machine and I add a little DuraLube about a cap full to this half full of wax works great you will get several hundred mile out of it.

FLYcrash 01-18-11 02:03 PM

I'm fairly impressed things have stayed so civil for ten posts.


Bikewer 01-18-11 02:25 PM

Yeppers... Chain lube posts tend to get...Involved.

bj-99 01-18-11 02:59 PM

Great info guys. I've been using White Lightning.
I'm going to try it with PTFE additive. I'm looking forward to seeing if it'll 300 miles or so.
Thanks for the help.

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