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Bicycle Mechanics Broken bottom bracket? Tacoed wheel? If you're having problems with your bicycle, or just need help fixing a flat, drop in here for the latest on bicycle mechanics & bicycle maintenance.

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Old 05-23-11, 09:26 PM   #1
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Can I ride this wheel another 100 miles?

I was cleaning my bike and found three cracks around a nipple and the nipple was coming out. It's a 32 spoke Mavic Open Pro with over 15,000 miles on it. New wheel won't be here for a few days and I want to ride until it arrives. Looks like I've been riding with it like that for a while. Won't be bombing down any hills at 35 MPH for a few days.

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very bad idea; just make sure that you don't hit anyone when you crash.

Given that you posted here, there is proof that you had prior knowledge, and recklessly endangered others. (Guess I have been spending too much time listening the company lawyer )
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I wouldn't.
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If that is the only spoke that's doing that and there's no telltale signs of bulging at any of the other eyelets I'd say you're likely OK if you don't ride in a demanding manner and check it at the end of EACH leg of your riding. But if some of the other spokes are beginning to show signs of bulging around the eyelets then I wouldn't do more than push the bike to the side and get your backup out for some riding.
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I had a wheel like that. I don't check the entire bike out after every ride. Makes you wonder how long it had been that way. Anyway, I road on it till the rim i ordered arrived. Also, stayed away from fast downhills.
Good luck with the fix.
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Old 05-24-11, 12:04 AM   #6
busted knuckles
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I am waaaaay too pretty to ride something like that. ( I am not really that pretty, but I would not ride that.)
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Old 05-24-11, 05:50 AM   #7
Thrifty Bill
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Another reason for N+1. How is your dental insurance? Seriously, you need to park this bike.
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Old 05-24-11, 07:11 AM   #8
bike whisperer
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You didn't say if it's a front or rear, or tell us what you weigh.

If I was gonna ride on that I'd back off that spoke (and its neighbours to prevent brake rub).
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Old 05-24-11, 07:20 AM   #9
Bianchi Goddess
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I would ride it if I had to get to the bikeshop or a home to my spare wheels but I am not sure I would do a training ride with it.

your ordering a new wheel? what is the hub? I would consider rebuilding the hub if it is 105 or better
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As you say, you might have been riding it like that for a while as it is, so what's a few more. You're knowledge won't make a difference in the likelihood of failure, though it might lead to an "I should have known better" feeling if it does.

In any case a single spoke failure, since that's what it boils down to, isn't going to be critical, just don't go too far from home or alternate transportation.
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Old 05-24-11, 07:29 AM   #11
It's MY mountain
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Honestly it's very unlikely to have a catastrophic failure where your wheel would collapse and your teeth would fall out. This almost always happens on the drive side rear and what's most likely to happen if you continue to ride is the nipple will continue to pull out until there's no tension at all in that spoke and it will be as out of true as a wheel with a broken spoke. Might be so bad that it locks up your rear and that could mean a crash, but not like it's going to just fold up.

I'm not telling you to ride it, I'm just evaluating the reality.

I've had two do this same thing in the last month - both with 12,000 miles plus.

RaceLite: I noticed this right before a century so I borrowed a pair of wheels for a couple weeks.

GL330 tubular:

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i had rim cracks that were less severe than that but pretty much on every nipple, I immediately took the wheel out of commission and it was covered by warranty by Giant who quickly got me a replacement. I agree with others, if it lets go, it's probably just going to be equivalent to having one spoke break and not leave you stranded or cause catastrophe but if you've got a backup wheel, by all means, put it on.
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Old 05-24-11, 09:40 AM   #13
Retro Grouch 
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To me it would depend on where the 100 miles were situated.

20 laps of a 5 mile loop around my home, in a heartbeat. A 50 mile out and back, however, would make me a little gun shy.
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The wheel won't collapse so you can still get a little more out of it. I had an Open Pro with cracks in thee nipples that never failed. I got tired of looking at it and rebuilt the wheel with an Open Sport.
You can get a new OPen Pro rim and repalce the cracked one if you want to bother with it. The spokes and hub are reusable.
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Old 05-24-11, 03:38 PM   #15
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How much are your teeth worth to you? What is your medical insurance co=pay for an emergency room visit? Food for thought.
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