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DirtyHarry 11-14-04 06:50 PM

Inertube Blues! Easy Question
Alright so Im new to the whole sport , but learning and loving it quick. I am having TOO MANY Pinch flats and overall small pin head punctures. I know that the pinch flats have alot to do with how many ponds are in the dang tube. But, what would be some good advice for someone like me who needs some help in the rubber department. Any suggestions on Tubeless?

531Aussie 11-14-04 06:52 PM

What sort of tubes are you using?

DirtyHarry 11-14-04 06:53 PM

Continental , cost me $5/tube

phantomcow2 11-14-04 06:55 PM

Well if you are not really worried about weight one of those anti flat tubes is your best deal.

DirtyHarry 11-14-04 06:57 PM

sounds like a plan, Im not to concerned, but have heard good stuff about tubless, but shure it expensive, and Ideas on where to get these no flat tubes

531Aussie 11-14-04 07:01 PM

This might not be your problem, but.....

Continental tubes don't have a good reputation around here.
I was having "mysterious" puncture problems with the very light
Continental tubes.

Tubes can sometimes move inside the tyre, and some
tubes scuff and tear when this happens. I was getting weird scuff marks on the
tubes, and right in the middle of the scuff would be these teeeny weeeny pinholes.
It took me ages to work out what was going on.

Mind you, I was using the 60g Continental tubes.

I'm now using Tioga and Clement tubes.

531Aussie 11-14-04 07:04 PM

Originally Posted by DirtyHarry
sounds like a plan, Im not to concerned, but have heard good stuff about tubless, but shure it expensive, and Ideas on where to get these no flat tubes

I don't really think it's necessary to go tubeless unless you ride
on super-crap roads.

I know plenty of guys who go 6 months without a flat.

arboc! 11-14-04 07:13 PM

if your getting pinch flats put more air in them

arboc! 11-14-04 07:14 PM

spend 2 more dollars and get thicker ones

531Aussie 11-14-04 07:17 PM

Originally Posted by DirtyHarry
I am having TOO MANY Pinch flats

It takes a big "bang" over a pothole or a train track to give me a pinch flat.

phantomcow2 11-14-04 07:18 PM

personally i dont think tubelless is worth it. Solid thorn flat resistant tubes can be found here :{CD6F5E42-FEA6EVEREST-4584-9557-ECA64C18DADF}

DocF 11-14-04 07:21 PM

I use cheap tubes from Nashbar or Performance and have few problems. I always check and properly inflate my tires before riding.

What type of riding are you doing? This may give us some information to help you with more suggestions.


EastKY 11-14-04 07:30 PM

My FWIW: Bought a new bike in September. I had 3 rear flats in the first 2 weeks (original tube plus one replacement). So next I bought Nashbar "slime" tubes and since installing one in the rear I've had NO (as in none) flats whatsoever. PLUS, I ensure I have maximum PSI in each tire before I ride.

rockmuncher 11-14-04 10:52 PM

What size tyres are you using. I was on 18mm until I gained weight, then went to 20mm, and now ride 23mm. If you are a heavy rider (>80kg) you should be on sturdy* 23mm otherwise you will be likely to get regular pinch flats, especially if you don't have max pressure. *Note: foldable tyre <> sturdy :)

I had a similar problem with my new bike, except I got a few flats where the tube was holed on the underside. It turned out that the cheap scummy rim tape had a tiny split right on the edge of one of the spoke holes. I ripped off the tape only to find that the manufacturer hadn't bothered to remove the burrs from the drilled holes. Make: ALEXrims

Solution: thick cloth rim tape.

I also use lightweight puncture strips wheels I use for training to reduce risk of thorn/glass penetration. This won't help with pinch flats though.

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