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zatopek 08-08-11 05:43 AM

deailleur hanger search
I'm looking for a derailleur hanger for a 2005 Titus Oseo road frame. I've tried internet searching, Universal Cycles, etc. and come up short. Any advice?

HillRider 08-08-11 06:29 AM

Have you contacted Titus?

dsbrantjr 08-08-11 07:29 AM

zatopek: Did you try these guys? Their "Find Your Hanger" pulldown has an entry for Titus but not your model. Maybe one of the others will be a match. They have several hundred to choose from. Like Hillrider said Titus may be your best bet. When you find one get yourself an extra. Don't ask how I learned this.

Kimmo 08-08-11 10:24 AM

Or try the Framebuilders section here

fietsbob 08-08-11 12:04 PM

The LBS has a Wall Chart with Pictures of over a hundred different derailleur hangers..

you have to find out which one.. its almost like birdwatching, lots of different ones ..

zatopek 08-09-11 07:54 AM

Thanks for the input. IIRC, Titus closed its doors in 2010. Still, I have a contact phone number for the company and will try it. If that does not work, I'll just wait for the frame to arrive (today, I think) in the mail, examine the drilling for the derailleur hanger and try ordering what looks right from or Universal Cycles. If I remember to, I'll post later on where I purchased the DH for anyone else with a similar question.

well biked 08-09-11 07:58 AM

zatopek 08-11-11 09:26 AM

Received an e-mail response from Titus asking me how many screws the derailleur hanger uses and requesting a picture of the dropout so they can be certain they have the correct hanger. That's a bit disconcerting. Seems like they ought to be able to tell me which hanger I need based on the frame that they once made. Oh well. The fine folks at Colorado Cyclist have the hangers in stock (They used to sell the Titus Oseo) and I'm just waiting until their offices open to call and order a couple. Now, if I can only find the correct headset...

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