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ka0use 09-25-11 03:43 PM

A gift for you
with 4 medium or large paper clips (known as trombones elsewhere) you can make re-connecting the end links of your chain easier.

my solution is NOT an original thought i am sure, but haven't seen it before..

a) daisy chain (pun!) the 4 clips together.

b) bend the ends of the end clips like a 'c'.

c) count 7 links back from the ends of the chain and hook the bent ends of the clips
over the 7th links. doesn't have to be 7, just what you feel comfortable with.

d) if you bent them right the chain will stay in place while you re-connect the master
link, or cut the chain. almost like having someone hold the chain for you!

e) you can put the clips on BEFORE you do the chain work and not have to re-run the
chain around the gears.

a long shoelace might work, too. just don't use a granny knot!


i got this idea from topeak. they have a chain tool that comes with a stainless chain
hook. i tried to buy just the hook and they said no. boohoo.

DVC45 09-25-11 04:53 PM

Thanks for sharing.

HillRider 09-25-11 05:05 PM

Thanks for the novel approach but chain end holding tools have been around for a long time and a home made version is easy to make using a piece of steel wire and a pair of pliers. Coat hanger wire is ideal for this and free nearly everywhere. Cut a piece of the wire about 6-7 inches (1- 185 cm for our metric using members) long and bend it into a shallow U-shape. Then bend about 1/2" (12 mm) of each end inward are about 120 to form shallow hooks. Hook the ends into each end of the chain spanning the open link and leaving enough slack to install the master link or joining pin.

Kimmo 09-26-11 08:32 AM

I just leave the chain off the ring so there's no tension.

cyclist2000 09-27-11 09:22 PM

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Thanks, that idea came in handy today, I just made a hook with a piece of coat hanger, when I was trying to figure out how to remove my powerlock.

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