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Myosmith 10-08-11 04:12 AM

v-brakes for "road" bikes
I'm working on a 1990s vintage Trek 700 Multi-Track that I plan to use for cyclocross and training. It has 700c wheels and has a narrower fork and seat stays than the MTB hybrids I've built in the past. This has not been a problem but when I mounted a set of Deore v-brakes I noticed that they splay outwards significantly more than they did on the MTB frames. The brake bosses are about 1/2" closer together on the 700 frame. The brakes work fine, but IMHO look a bit strange.

Do they make v-brakes specifically for narrower "road" frames or is a v-brake a v-brake? I'll try to add a picture later today.

TurbineBlade 10-08-11 07:01 AM

The size of spacers you put between the brake arms and pads will determine this outward splay from the fork. As far as I know, a v-brake is a v-brake....other than the mini v-brake types. Since v-brakes have the same leverage through the brake arm's swing, the position of the brake pads doesn't matter like it does for standard cantilever brakes. If you want, just put the smaller spacers between the brake arms and brake pads and your brakes should not splay outward as much.

As long as your brake arms aren't banging into each other and your rubber boot isn't getting crushed too badly when the brake are applied, you can do this just fine

That the brakes "look strange" is a pretty stupid reason to do this IMO, but suit yourself.

HillRider 10-08-11 07:03 AM

The Shimano BR-R550 cantilevers and Avid Single digit 7 V-brakes I've installed have a series of various thickness spacers as part of each brake pad mounting. You can rearrange the spacers to move the pad closer to or further from the brake arm to get the alignment you want. I have the Avids on a Surly Cross Check and had to move one of the spacers from the inside of the arm to the outside to let the arms align properly.

rhenning 10-08-11 07:13 AM

Tektro makes/made a mini V brake with shorter arms that works well in this case. It even allows you to use standard brake levers instead of long pulls should you want to use brifters. Roger

fietsbob 10-08-11 09:15 AM

Owing to a linear nature of time , thing, .. newer stuff
is only looking around at its own period.

Older frames , probably better to stick with the stuff that is on it.

I have Mafac Cantilever brakes on my 30 year old bike's frame/fork.

Yes, there are 2 thicknesses of spacers on V brake shoes, that can be exchanged.
and Tektro /TRP for cyclocross racing, offer a shorter arm V brake.

HillRider 10-08-11 10:05 AM

Originally Posted by fietsbob (Post 13336113)
Yes, there are 2 thicknesses of spacers on V brake shoes, that can be exchanged.

Actually there are 3 different spacers supplied with the Avids that can be arranged in four different configurations.

reddog3 10-08-11 10:18 AM

And... If you haven't already done so, you can use a thinline pad rather than the cartridge type with replaceable pads. That will also help some.

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