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pavement_nyc 10-09-11 08:18 PM

Broken front shock on mountain bike
My front shock is broken, is there a quick fix for this? Can I just ditch the spring and have no suspension? Will I have to buy a new fork?

dabac 10-10-11 01:54 AM

Ah, a headshok!

The sensible approach here would be to try to bring some further detail to the "broken" statement, finding out more exactly what it is that has actually failed. Maybe something has simply come loose?
There are several proprietary designs involved in a headshok bike, so it may well be that a repair is the easiest, least expensive way ahead.
Ditching the spring is a so-so suggestion. The bike will ride lower, which will influence the handling somewhat, and you will still have to come up with a way to secure the fork vertically.
Replacing the fork with a rigid unit is doable, but I don't rightly know how to work around that oversized head tube. I imagine there are spacers/adapters available.

BoozyMcliverRot 10-10-11 02:02 AM

That fork is toast,sorry. What you could do is Ebay a new one that would fit(a used Cannondale)or get reduction cups to use a 1 1/8 fork,Chris King also makes a devolution headstet to run a fork with a smaller steerer.

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