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deacon mark 01-04-12 08:25 PM

ok my stuck seatpost
I have an alloy seatpost stuck in a carbon frame. Not worried about losing seatpost but do not want to damage the frame. I have tried WD 40 and silicone spray. Then I took a good size pipe wretch and tried to break it free and even hit it with a hammer to try and get it to budge. No luck the seat post is getting eating up as I turn.

Help! Do I cut the post and then try to crush it in around the end? One thought is to just try to get a little lift at the insertion with a very small mirco screwdriver and use my air gun to blow lube down the tube.

THis forum has been great can you help the old mechanic. I just want to save the frame and now I can get my CF seatpost and a new saddle if it works out.

deacon mark 01-04-12 09:15 PM

Thank the Lord I had to teach CCD tonight and let the bike sit, came home and hit it a few times and it broke free no damage. I suppose could even reuse the seat post but a good excuse for a new seat post. I was really thinking it was bonded in some fashion based on what torque I was applying to get it to budge.

Moral of the story is to clean and move the seat post around every few months and make sure has some lube on it.

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