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mvanderk 05-11-12 06:29 PM

How to remove frozen crank from external bearing BB.
FSA megaXo crank/external bearing BB. Crank is being stubborn. Their is surface rust on the cups so I assume some rust has developed between crank and bearing surface. For the record I removed the non-drive side crank arm then tried to pull the crank out by hand from the drive side. No luck so tried using a rubber mallet to help start it. Still no luck. At that point tried a wood block with a hammer and still will not budge. Also laid it on it side and added some penetrating oil between the crank and bearing and let it set for a few hours (both sides). I'm somewhat reluctant to pound real hard as the frame is carbon and do not want to damage it.

Am I missing something?

IthaDan 05-11-12 07:01 PM

How attached are you to the bottom bracket? If it's threaded you could used channel locks to turn the BB (and crankarm) out.

Even better, use the proper tool to take off the nds cup, that might be enough of a reduction in friction to get it moving again.

CACycling 05-11-12 09:14 PM


silver_ghost 05-11-12 10:05 PM

Try to borrow a big brass (or maybe aluminum) hammer. It should be big enough to get some heft behind it, but soft so it wont damage the spindle. If you can get the crank out, polish the corrosion off with emery paper and make sure you grease well next time!

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