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Cavell 05-23-12 06:15 AM

sti/slr shifters
1991 bike. has 3x7 shimano sti/slr thumb shifters and brake levers. i recabled 2 yrs ago and of course i messed up the FD shifter installing new cable. i found a link online that shows the shimano M091 shifter and a warning to NOT remove lever cover. i did and now it will not shift. i found 2 online auctions for a complete set of shifters. 1 is at $20 now. there is one in the UK for $33. the cheaper seller says he is no EXPERT and cannot verify they work ok. they look ok. but they do have cables attached with the housings removed. so it looks like they were removed with a little care. haha. auction ends at 2pm today. maybe bid and see if they work? or can the M091 shifters be repaired? hard to track down a tech who knows what they are and can attempt a repair.

Cavell 05-23-12 12:15 PM

Or I can get new shimano altus ? Shifter for 25 or so. Tech said its simple to put new shifters/brake levers on. I see many shifters online for reasonable prices.

Bianchigirll 05-23-12 12:41 PM

What model shifter do you have? Exage? Deore?

Yes you can use the altus if the number of speeds matches.

bobotech 05-23-12 01:28 PM

if the shifter was disassembled and improperly reassembled, then its too much bother to pay someone to repair it. It would probably take a tech an hour or two to get it working properly.

If the shifter was never disassembled and just quit working, its MUCH easier to fix. You can generally just wash the inside out with a solvent such as WD40 and work the shifting mechanism back and forth. After washing it out and working the pawls back and forth, you can generally get those shifters to work properly again. Once its all freed up, then you can lube it with a good lube such as Triflow.

Most shops/techs will not or can't be bothered to repair those old shifters. But its pretty easy to fix them on your own if you can just lube and clean it out and get it working without disassembling.

The big gotcha is when you take it apart to try to repair it, then it becomes a nightmare.

Careful with using new shifters that have integrated brake handles, they might be designed for v-brakes and you probably have cantilever brakes, the handles are not compatible.

Cavell 05-24-12 08:45 AM

Auction has both levers/ shifters. I only need left side. But used stuff might be working fine or funky like mine. Shop said I could put new stuff on left side but it won't match right side. $50 or so installed. A working FD would be nice. Its a combo shifter/brake. I see 3 speed shifter only stuff but it's not much cheaper than combo stuff.

bobotech 05-24-12 09:14 AM

Originally Posted by Cavell (Post 14266010)
Its a combo shifter/brake. .

This is important. You have an older early '90s bike. They normally had cantilever brakes of some sort. The new combo brake/shifter might be designed for v-brakes. The levers/brakes are NOT compatible and can be dangerous. Can you please take a picture of the brakes that your bike has and then show us the shifters you are planning on getting?

I have seen some LBS mechanics actually say "Eh, its no big deal to use v-brake levers with cantilever brakes" but in reality, it can be dangerous.

Cavell 05-24-12 06:28 PM

2 Attachment(s)
they are shimano deore xt stuff. st-m091 is the model number. i see the shifter bits share the same bracket as the brake lever so they cannot be separated. i have not picked out any new stuff yet.

Cavell 05-25-12 01:59 PM

1 Attachment(s) this stuff will work for awhile? only $5

DCB0 05-25-12 02:26 PM

I have installed separate shift levers on numerous integrated brake/shifter lever equipped bikes from that era. The trick is to use a hacksaw to cut the shifter mount off the brake lever to make room for the separate shifter.

There also may be some compatiblity between the shifter mount on the brake levers and modern rapid fire shifters, but the only way to be sure is to try it.

Since the only part that is not working is the left shifter, why not find a single top-mount thumb shifter (like the one included in the $5 set of crap parts, which is overpriced, BTW) and use that? THese shifters can often be taken off bikes found in dumpsters and ditches and work forever.

DCB0 05-25-12 02:28 PM

One more possible solution: lock the front derailleur into place over the middle chainring with the derailleur limit screws and ride the bike as a 1X7

Cavell 05-26-12 06:27 AM

Hey dcb0, go back to ur moms basement and tell ur girlfriend to buy a razor. That's if u got a girlfriend. Jeez, bike trolls are such asses.

DCB0 05-28-12 09:47 AM

Originally Posted by Cavell (Post 14274386)
Hey dcb0, go back to ur moms basement and tell ur girlfriend to buy a razor. That's if u got a girlfriend. Jeez, bike trolls are such asses.

Does this mean we can't be best buddies?

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