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septacycles 06-22-12 10:05 AM

Bottom Bracket Repair Aluminum Frame Mountain Bike
I have a older specialized stump jumper that has damaged bottom bracket threads. Its beyond chasing the treads. What are my options for repair this frame.

Is my best onption to use a threadless bottom bracket... has anyone ever used one and can recommend an inexpensive replacement. I see the sunlite makes one and the velo-orange makes one.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



fietsbob 06-22-12 10:22 AM

no personal experience with those 2 you mention..
they are the inexpensive replacements.

Its either that or.. (option suggestion ideas)
a rethread in Italian, 36mm is bigger than the BSC most used.
so it has some metal to cut into..

If you get the BB shell quite clean, inside,
you may be able to mix up some JB weld [epoxy with aluminum filler]
to fill in the damaged threads, then have them recut, ...

Or strip the frame, scrap it, and buy a new one,
and rebuild it with your existing parts.

machining the BB shell to convert it to a Cartridge BB
is only realistic if the machine shop is yours..

septacycles 06-22-12 10:29 AM

what my best repair option for the long term... jb weld or threadless bottom bracket.

fietsbob 06-22-12 10:35 AM

best repair option for the long term
Best, long term?

strip the frame, scrap it, and buy a new one,
and rebuild it with your existing parts.

septacycles 06-22-12 10:49 AM

scraping the frame for right now is not an option... would like it to last at least another year...

JohnDThompson 06-22-12 11:45 AM

Re-tapping to Italian or using a threadless cartridge are your two best options. The threadless cartridge is likely to be cheaper, as re-tapping would require purchase of an Italian thread bottom bracket set in addition to the labor cost of re-tapping.

Kimmo 06-25-12 08:31 AM

I have the Velo-Orange BB in my stripped-thread (not my neglect) ally frame; it's a nice unit.

But although I tried to prevent creaks when assembling it, I still get one when I stand hard on it. I think I pulled it apart once and tried more grease or whatever to fix it, but to no avail. I'll give it another shot again soon, I think...

The Sunlite one might be better at preventing creaks (it might be worse, too), but it sure looks a lot heavier. Then again, the VO one is 3 or 4 times the price, innit?

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