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Exonerv 07-12-12 08:13 PM

Hard to find derailler hanger
I have a 2008 Garneau Sonix 6.4 and would like a backup hanger. I tried the one at and was sent the wrong one. They do not stock what I need. Are there any other online sources for somewhat obscure hangers?

Other solutions?

IthaDan 07-12-12 08:17 PM

Got a picture?

HillRider 07-12-12 08:21 PM

Contact the manufacturer/importer?

JTGraphics 07-12-12 08:29 PM

Which hanger did they send you seemd like its the #99 hanger The Derailleur Hanger Fits Garneau, Marin, KHS Novara from all the searches I did.

Exonerv 07-13-12 04:29 AM

Yep, they sent me #99 which is not even close. The step was on the wrong side and it was overall larger. From my reading on BF, Garneau doesn't provide any parts support on these bikes (or at least the cyclocross model owned by another member who had a similar issue)

I'll upload a picture or two and see if that helps narrow things down.

Exonerv 07-13-12 05:01 AM

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jimc101 07-13-12 05:02 AM

Find a good bike shop which stocks Wheels Manufacturing parts and they should have a chart which you can compare yours to.

Exonerv 07-13-12 05:06 AM

Appreciate the suggestion....however Wheels Mfg. appears to be the supplier for They told me that neither they, or their supplier, stock the hanger I need.

HillRider 07-13-12 06:52 AM

You may have to "customize" another hanger model. Can you get one that's close and file or Dremel it to fit?

JTGraphics 07-13-12 08:10 AM

Remove the RD and wheel take a side shot straight on so we can see the entire RD it may help locate something that will fit its hard to see the hanger in those shots.

Or instead of guessing have you actually tried to ask direct customer service

Exonerv 07-16-12 03:26 PM

Appreciate the link and the encouragement to give Garneau a chance JTG. As it turns out this bike IS still supported and they are sending me a FREE hanger. It was the last one they had in stock, but told me I could order more by the end of summer.

You really can't ask for much more than that. LG came through for me...

Exonerv 07-18-12 10:22 AM

As it turns out, Louis Garneau has some Outstanding Customer Service! The new hanger arrived today by FedEX Express mail, just 2 days after my cordial conversation with Sebastien on Monday. A free hanger - sent express mail - from Canada to NC - arriving in 2 days flat. Wow...pretty impressive.

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