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vol 09-30-12 07:31 PM

Lube the chain more often than other parts of the bike, or the same?
Do most of you always lube the other parts of the bike whenever you lube the chain? Or do you lube the chain more often?

FBinNY 09-30-12 07:45 PM

Given the operating conditions chains need more frequent lubrication than other bike parts.

The hub, BB, H/S, and pedal bearings are enclosed and run in grease and can take care of themselves for a year o more, or something like 5,000 miles. The small pivots like brake and derailleur have almost zero need of lube, and can go a long time, and be attended if/when they get sticky. The cables are also enclosed, and also can go a long time.

OTOH, the chain is a bunch of undersized bearings exposed to the weather. The best factory lubes rarely last much more than 1,000 miles, and after market lubes go down from there.

vol 09-30-12 08:17 PM

Thanks, FB. Glad that's the case. In the past I always lubed everything together, but now I don't have much time for an overall cleaning/lubing, so I will just clean and lube the chains every once in a while when busy. It's really the cleaning, not the lubing, that takes much time and work.

pdlamb 10-02-12 11:28 AM

I'll usually give the brake pivots, derailer pivots and jockey wheels a touch of oil or Teflon when I lube the chain. The rest of it has to wait for a cold, rainy, Saturday afternoon.

Myosmith 10-02-12 09:02 PM

Depending on riding conditions, my chains get lubed more often than most other components. During average decent weather riding my chains get lubed about once a week (every 100-150 miles); cables, derailleurs and pivots maybe once a month; anything that requires disassembly gets it early in the spring (same time I do bearings) and maybe once mid-season. Of course wet or very dirty riding conditions can result in earlier cleaning and maintenance.

dddd 10-02-12 09:50 PM

I never lube derailer pivots, except on the front derailer.

I lube the cable guide every time I lube the chain.

If you let the chain go to where it starts squeeking, no real harm is done, though it might be susceptible to corrosion at that point.

I lube the rubber seals and/or the pulleys themselves before every race, but pullies can go several months in my experience, and ball-bearing pulleys seem to do best with no externally applied lubes at all.

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