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atlantis 10-04-12 08:04 AM

7 Speed freewheel play.
Hi !

My Trek 7.1 fx has been used for about 1 1/2 years, and I checked the chain had stretched a little, checked it with a xtools gauge the .75 marker was almost in. On close observation, I shook the freewheel to and fro with my hand and felt some play. I felt the play, is a little above normal. I checked other bikes and it was not the same. Its a 7 speed freewheel .

Is this a matter of concern ? Or am I just over reacting ?

Kimmo 10-04-12 08:13 AM

It's only a matter of concern if you can't get your indexing to work.

On a 7spd system, I think it'd take an awful lot of play to be a problem.

As for the wear guide, they're not so hot IMO; they measure wear both on the pins and rollers, and only the former matters (I scored some DA and Ultegra chains with plenty of life left - thanks to a wear gauge, I bet). Tension the chain and use a 12" ruler.

Bianchigirll 10-04-12 08:28 AM

There should be a tiny bit of play ina freewheel and a cassette although it is not as noticable.

When I was in the business my Park Chain Checker sold alot of chains. I use it a quick check now and if I see any stretch I break out the ruler and measure the pins at 12"

cny-bikeman 10-04-12 08:51 AM

I agree, if it works don't worry about it.

atlantis 10-04-12 09:13 PM

Thanks for replying !

There is no problem with shifting. Yes the chain has stretched a bit checked it with a scale as well. So should I just change the chain as of now , cause I do not see any wear on the freewheel cassette. While checking with the gauge the stretch was noticeable only on some areas of the chain, is this normal ?

Another question which I had was ,I am aware a stretched chain will eat up the cassette/ freewheel eventually, does it have the same damaging effect to the crank as well ?

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