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Reynolds 10-25-12 09:30 AM

Raleigh MTi 1000 seatpost size?
A friend got this old Raleigh Ti frame w/o seatpost. It has a shim for an around 30mm seatpost, but the slot is narrower at the top, as if the seattube was squeezed, and there's a bulge at the lowest part of the slot. Without the shim, a 31.6 seatpost goes in, but then jams. Anyone knows what the exact original saetpost size was?

FBinNY 10-25-12 09:38 AM

The bulge is either normal weld distortion, which is why they used a shim originally, or is because of a slight bend which is why the 31.6 no longer fits.

You might go to the Raleigh site, or phone them to confirm the original spec. Otherwise, you can measure the wall thickness of the shim, double that and subtract from 31.6 to get the ID (if you're 100% sure that 31.6 is the right starting place. Or you can carefully close the shim until the slot is the same width as the bottom of the slot in the frame, and measure the ID at the bottom, so it isn't affected by the distortion at the top.

Reynolds 10-26-12 08:24 AM

Thanks FB. Looks like the shim was glued in place by the factory and there's some residue left. I think that polishing the seattube a 31.6 should fit. The top of the tube seems to have been slightly 'bottlenecked' (like a rifle cartridge).

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