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gregm 10-26-12 12:58 PM

ZTR Iron Cross rims: just the ticket, or am I asking for trouble?
I'd like to build a set of wheels with the new Iron Cross rim. I'm attracted to this rim due to its combination of low weight and intermediate width, as I'm building a weight-conscious disk brake "mixed terrain" (road + fire trail) endurance bike, and like to run an intermediate range of tires, whether smooth or knobby. I would almost always run with tubes, rarely tubeless.

The Iron Cross product description states:

"The new ZTR Iron Cross disc rims are designed only for use with cyclocross tubeless tires and traditional cyclocross clinchers."

Do folks have a sense if this is actually a question of, say, minimum tire size, maximum tire pressure, or perhaps some combination of the two? What are the risks -- the bead coming unseated? Radial compression of the rim due to high pressure?

What it really comes down to for me is that I would like to be able to run road tires as "small" as 700x28, and other times run 700x35 cross tires -- or sometimes even wider. Can the Iron Cross still be the rim for me?

Thanks for your advice!


LarDasse74 10-26-12 02:15 PM

During my time as the product manager for Stans, we had the same question numerous times.
THe most common answer was "I have never been the product manager for Stans and you should contact the company for their reccomendation."

gregm 10-26-12 02:43 PM

I submitted my inquiry already this morning. ;) I'll post any response here.

gregm 10-26-12 03:39 PM

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Well...this is not promising!

MAX RIM PRESSURE: 32mm Tires = 45psi.

LarDasse74 10-26-12 03:50 PM

From the Stan's website description of the Iron Cross wheelset:

"The Iron Cross disc rims are designed for superior burp resistance with low pressure tube-type cyclocross clinchers. Any other tires will be very difficult to mount."

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