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slcp 03-15-13 03:37 AM

Fusing/bonding centrelock to 6 bolt adapter onto a hub
This is not strictly a bike mechanics question but I figured it is a good place to start.

I have an alfine 8 IGH. A part of the part of the hub that holds part of the thread for the centre lock cap has split and is coming away, hard to explain I don't have a picture right now but for our purposes here there is no/not enough thread for the cap to use to fix a centre lock disc in place.

Structurally the hub is sound, I really have no idea how or why this has happened and Shimano are not interested. My LBS only advises a new hub which I would like to avoid, worst case scenario is no rear brake as far as I can see.

What I want to explore doing is fusing/bonding a centre lock to 6 bolt adapter onto the hub and using a 6 bolt disc. Epoxy resin is the only viable option I can think of and research suggests it should fix them together solid. My question is, does anybody know if solid will be solid enough? The bond is obviously going to be under tremendous amounts of stress under it likely to last?

Its an avenue I'm willing to explore either way...if it doesn't hold I'm back where I started.

All constructive advice is welcomed and encouraged, what am I missing here? Better options? I want to try something as I'd rather ruin it trying than replace it without any sort of adventure.

pursuance 03-15-13 04:23 AM

How 'bout something like this?

reptilezs 03-15-13 06:22 AM

Originally Posted by pursuance (Post 15389130)

that was what i was going to recommend if i an understanding where his break is. i believe that that the OPs spline section has split

slcp 03-15-13 07:01 AM

Originally Posted by pursuance (Post 15389130)

Ha, thats exactly what I need! I should have thought of problem solvers!!

Thank you, this will definitely be my first port of call :-)

fietsbob 03-15-13 09:08 AM

Its a QBP product , so sold by any BikeShop with a QBP account,so likely already in
some British Local Shops. like SJS, that ship free within the country, there.

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