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Valbrona 05-05-13 08:15 AM

Stronglight ActivLink Cups/Bearings
I got two sets of these, the ceramic ones and the steel ones. Greasing is not really possible unless I remove the bearings, which are made by Enduro. Anyone done this and can provide help? Thanks.,,en.php

Airburst 05-05-13 08:33 AM

I thought proper ceramic bearings didn't need grease?

Anyway, those look like cartridge bearings, which you'll have a hard time removing without trashing either the bearings or the seat they press into in the cup.

You may be able to pick the seals out of the bearing cartridges, clean them out and regrease them without removing them, but that's about all you can really do if they're cartridge units.

HillRider 05-05-13 08:53 AM

Enduro makes a tool set to remove and replace their bearings but it lists for about $120 so is impractical for most home mechanics.

The bearings should have come factory lubricated and unless you have a LOT of miles on them, there is no need for maintenance. As Airburst noted, you may be able to pry out the outer seals and regrease them without removing the bearings from the cups.

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