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slopvehicle 05-12-13 04:30 PM

Old Deore DX crankset questions.
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I've got the drive side half of an old Deore DX crankset and have a couple questions:

1) What should I look for in a suitable mate for the other arm? I have another square-taper 175mm Shimano arm in my junk box-- see attachment. Do these have a similar-enough profile to use together or not?

2) Secondly any guess as to what BB width I might need if I wanted to run this on a mid-90s steel Specialized Hard Rock? I'd be doing a single ring in the middle for a 1x7 configuration.

Bill Kapaun 05-12-13 04:53 PM

slopvehicle 05-12-13 04:57 PM

Originally Posted by Bill Kapaun (Post 15617981)

Thanks, I'd forgotten about that page. Looks like 122.5 is what I'm after.

dsbrantjr 05-12-13 05:08 PM

You will need to make sure that the taper in the new arm is oriented the same as the one you have. They come in two flavors, "square" and "diamond", with the recess aligned 45 degrees differently. From the photos the diagonal of the recess will need to line up with the crank arm. The other orientation, with the recess edges aligned, will put the crank 45 degrees out and make pedaling difficult to say the least.

slopvehicle 05-12-13 06:17 PM

Good point. The tapers are both "diamond", thankfully.

There's a matching DX left arm on eBay right now but it would effectively be $27 with shipping, which seems outrageous to put on a beater / bar bike build. But old stuff is old stuff...

slopvehicle 05-12-13 08:42 PM

Ah, to hell with this crankset! Found a 104mm BCD Deore set at the co-op for $15, went with that.

Back to the junk box!

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