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Johnonaschwinn 05-18-13 11:10 AM

What chains work with shimano uniglide 7speed?
Hi Everyone, I just bought a 1988 Klein with shimano 600 7 speed indexed. I need to replace the chain. The chain on the bike is marked uG. What chains work with this stuff? Thanks, John

fietsbob 05-18-13 12:03 PM

7 speed.. its about the width , after 8 speeds you have to buy that 'speed' number 9,10, etc.

your cassette/freewheel may be worn too, and need replacement.

consider visiting a brick and mortar bike shop for real, In Person, help.

dddd 05-18-13 12:13 PM

For 7-speed UG cogs, the original chain would have to be not only UG but specifically UG NARROW, printed on each link.

I find that modern 9-speed chain works even better than 7 and 8-speed chains on any Shimano or Suntour freewheel or cassette, whether it's a 5, 6 or 7-speeder.

Those old bikes likely might have come with narrower chains, except that they (9sp chains) weren't yet available.

Note that 9-speed chain doesn't always shift well on certain French and Italian freewheels, and can also be incompatible with the chainring spacing on a select few older cranksets.

FastJake 05-18-13 12:16 PM

Any 6/7/8 speed chain will be fine. Get a SRAM or KMC chain which comes with a handy masterlink for chain removal.

Johnonaschwinn 05-18-13 09:28 PM

Thanks everyone, John

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