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Bike Mechanics tuned my bike... wrong? Loud noise coming from derailleur.

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Bike Mechanics tuned my bike... wrong? Loud noise coming from derailleur.

Old 07-09-13, 02:36 PM
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Bike Mechanics tuned my bike... wrong? Loud noise coming from derailleur.

Hi guys. About 2 weeks ago I got a second hand Felt Speed 30 bicycle. It's a hybrid, and I love it so much. I noticed while I was riding the bike that my brakes were a bit off, and my gears needed a bit of fixing. Because I'm on vacation here, I just wanted the bike fixed as fast as possible, so I brought it to the local bike shop.

I got it back today. They tuned it up completely and installed a new chain and cassette. I notice now, the front derailleur is hitting against the chain and making loads of noise, and there seems to be a noise coming from the rear derailleur area. I don't think it's the rear derailleur, but instead, the little wheels attached to the rear derailleur making sounds.

I also feel like they may have tampered with my BB, as before I brought it to the store, there was a bit of play, but now there is a grinding action when I am in a high gear.

Before bringing the bike to the shop, it was very silent, but the gears weren't shifting so great.

Is this normal for a new chain and cassette to be very loud?
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Old 07-09-13, 02:47 PM
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Are you cross chaining? If you had any play at all in your BB, then that has to be addressed right away and apparently the shop tightened up the BB.

Cross chaining is using the small-small combo or the large-large combo on the front and rear gear selections.
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Old 07-09-13, 02:54 PM
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If the front derailleur (FD) is rubbing and you don't have trim capability (a half click to nudge the FD a little more outward) on your shifters and it wasn't rubbing before, they perhaps you need to bring it back to the shop and show them this problem. But if you have a Felt Speed 30, they use the R440 left shifter for most models since 2009 or so, which means it does have trim. So if it's rubbing, can you simply do a half-push click on the front shifter? Does that resolve your front noise problems?

Next, new chains can make a buzzing sound with a clean drive train. You can quiet it down with a thicker chain lube if the shop used a dry lube. But the buzzing should be moderate and tolerable once the FD has been adjusted. If you still don't have a quiet transmission, and the chain is lubed, look for other problems with rear derailleur (RD) alignment. A small adjustment to center the RD pulleys under the cog can reduce noise as well.

As for the BB, you have an FSA crank most likely. It uses an FSA cartridge BB most likely. They typically aren't expensive but do require labour to replace. If the BB was loose, it's usually a sign on cartridge bearing BBs weren't long for this world either. So if they adjusted the BB and now it's grinding, try to move the chain off the inside and let it rest on the BB shell if possible. Now spin the crank and see if it is smooth and spins freely and lightly. Hold onto something and mount the bike and put some load on the pedals and go around in circles (chain still off) and do you hear any grind? If not, then it isn't your BB. If it is, well, then it may be time to replace in the near future.

It's not normal for a new chain and cassette to be loud. But it all depends on what "loud" means to you and a host of other factors.
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Old 07-09-13, 07:05 PM
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Where are you on vacation, and what kind of shop did you bring it to?
Since the work was just done, you should go back and discuss the issues and have them address them

The FD is a trim issue, easily adjusted, though many FDs have a set position (cannot be trimmed while riding) and so may rub as you begin to cross chain, ie outer chainring with inner few sprockets.

The RD noise may be worn pulleys, or they may have cleaned them and they just need some oil, or if the mechanic was half asleep when he installed the chain it may be rubbing on a tab in the middle of the cage (RD vibrates like crazy when you pedal).

It's impossible to say what the BB story might be, since we don't know what, if anything they did.

Some new drivetrains can be noisy, depending on the specific chain and cassette, but I can't speculate on what's normal, since I can't hear it.

As I said, your first and best step is to go back to where the work was done, and discuss the issues.
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