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Can I save my rim? With a hop

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Can I save my rim? With a hop

Old 08-21-13, 09:33 AM
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Can I save my rim? With a hop

I have a Mavic open road SUP Rim. W/Campy Nuevo hub 9 speed. The original builder put assorted spokes and nipples in it and served me well for 8/9 plus years 6-8k. however the skewer clamp was a bit loose from a trip and on my first ride it slipped out and twisted the rim a bit. OK so I got it trued up for riding but has a significant hop. and the spokes/nipples are bottomed out.
1) can I replace Certain necessary spokes in order to alleviate hop ? I recall doing this with some success in the past
2) If that doesn't work sufficiently I may rebuild with all new spokes. (has anyone does this?)
3) do I even bother completing in the rebuilding with old rim or use both new rim and spokes?
PS please submit other suggestion or past experience
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Old 08-21-13, 09:52 AM
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If the rim is bent such that it cannot be trued, then I wouldn't use it for a new build.

I've no experience straightening a damaged rim, but with decent quality rims available for $30 (Mavic Open Sport $50), I'd rather rebuild the wheel with a new rim. Maybe I'm just lazy.
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Old 08-21-13, 10:05 AM
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Originally Posted by jyl View Post
Maybe I'm just lazy.
No, you just value your time more than others. I'm right there with you. No use spending hours trying to get a bad rim to work when a replacement is available for so little money.

If you wanted to learn about how difficult it can be to straighten a rim and build a good wheel from it, then go right ahead. Personally, I'll take others word for it and build from good, straight rims.
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Old 08-21-13, 08:28 PM
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It's hard to speak to vagaries such as "significant hop" but old timers routinely saved wheels with hops, and the Mavic SUP isn't a super rigid rim, and is very amenable to correction by skilled hands.

So the variables are, out hop, or in hop? highly local, or kind of a broad based egg or cam shape? visible rippling or denting of the tire flange?

You say spokes are bottomed out, do you mean you ran out of thread? Why?

One trick to buy a bit of workable thread is to remove the nipple and slip a washer under it. Or replace with a nipple that was counter bored a bit deeper. This is easy to do with a 2mm drill in a Dremel tool.

So the question to save or replace depends on the details, and your skill. However I agree with the others, that if you pull this apart, it probably doesn't make sense to reuse the rim.
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Old 08-22-13, 03:51 AM
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Hop traditionally describes a high spot - rim further from the hub, but you say the spokes/nipples are bottomed out. If you mean you've run out of threads that would occur in a low spot, with poorly sized spokes an additional factor. An actual hop would have had to have been there before if the spokes are too long at a high spot. In any case I suspect the "hop" is due to the fact that the rim is physically bent, and that you have significant differences in spoke tension, which means the wheel is not strong or stable. The rim has to physically be bent back to better condition before attempting to true better, as the spokes ideally are adjusted to hold the rim in the correct place, rather than move it to the correct place.

Whether you can do the required straightening depends on the type of bend and your skill/feel for doing it. If you want to attempt it just GoogleI, as nobody here is going to suggest anything that has not been written or shown on a video before. It's not something you will need to do often if you just work on your own bike, so knowing how to do so is of limited value. It's up to you to decide if the time and effort is preferable to the money and extra cost of a new rim and spokes.
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Old 08-22-13, 04:36 AM
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Originally Posted by biketrax View Post
1) can I replace Certain necessary spokes in order to alleviate hop ?
If the rim is bulging out, and the nipples are bottoming out, then replacing with shorter spokes will let you pull that section of the rim in. I'll suspect that it'll lead to uneven spoke tensions though, unless the bulge is really mild and/or the rim is really flexy.
Or try the washer trick as FB suggests. A true friend during those midnight builds when you just have to get ready to the next day.

Originally Posted by biketrax View Post
2) If that doesn't work sufficiently I may rebuild with all new spokes. (has anyone does this?)
I can't see how that would help unless the spokes were originally too long, or maybe not all the same length.
If you put that effort in, better have a proper go at getting the rim back to decently round and true by bending it manually first.

Originally Posted by biketrax View Post
3) do I even bother completing in the rebuilding with old rim or use both new rim and spokes?
That's all down to how you value your time, how much money you've got, how eager you are to get cracking, your expectations on the wheel, your building skills and the condition of the rim.
I've resurrected and reused some seriously abused rims over the years, and while I haven't taken them touring, they've stood up well to whatever use they've gotten.
But I like the task, have the time to spare, and find ordering parts a bit tedious.
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