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roccobike 10-18-13 10:59 AM

Need Help Measuring Road Bars
I just picked up a 09 Tarmac. Great bike but the previous owner must have had long arms and I have short arms. I need to replace the bars, but I'm not sure how to measure the "reach". I tried measuring the bars on the Tarmac and my Giant OCR-C and I must be off cause the Giant, the shorter reach of the two and apparently a short reach set of bars, measures 100mm. That can't be correct when compared to other short reach bars on ebay.
Also, just want to check, when measuring the width, I'm assuming it's measured from the center of the right side tube to the center of the left side tube. Just want to make sure it's not the out side to the outside or inside to inside.
Thanks for the help.

Wheels Of Steel 10-18-13 11:15 AM

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