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jeff51 10-19-13 05:02 PM

creaking sram dual drive internal hub
hi, much appreciate some advice.

i've a new uss swb recumbent set up with a 3x9 dual drive sram internal rear hub, with a shimano bar end shifter.

when i'm in highest gear on 9 speed derailleur (chain on smallest cog on cassette in back) and torque the pedals, i get a creaking noise from the internal gear. doesn't matter which of the three gears in the internal hub i'm in.

i've played around with the position of the bar end shifter, and that doesn't matter either. that is, i try to adjust wire tension to eliminate the creaking by toggling the bar end shifter lever, but there is no shift lever position in any of the three speeds for the internal hub that eliminates the creaking noise.

the wheel is tight in the dropouts.

thanks a lot for thoughts on what problem might be (and how to fix it),


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