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RubeRad 12-27-13 09:52 PM

Fork-mount brake cable hanger won't fit on Crosscheck Fork
I'm trying to install a Tektro fork-mount cable hanger (1277A) onto my Surly Crosscheck (to deal with brake shudder). But neither of the two provided threaded sleeves fit through the rear hole on the fork. The rear hole is the same as the front, which the provided bolt has only very small clearance to, and which my 6mm allen wrench cannot fit into (the corners just hit). Note both the front and back fork holes are radially scalloped, to match the provided scalloped washers.

I read on a few other BF posts that the best options are (a) drilling the back of the fork to 8mm to accept the sleeve, or (b) get a longer bolt and a regular nut, and probably a nylock washer.

So I'm pretty intimidated by the thought of drilling my fork; I've never drilled metal before. I have no drill press, only a hand drill. And I don't have any metric bits, and the bits I have are pretty cheap. Does steel drill a lot easier than I think? Should I just go for it? Or am I likely to really ruin my fork by not drilling straight enough, or wobbling and not getting a clean hole, etc?

frozin 12-27-13 10:03 PM

A 5/16" Drill bit will work fine. I have personally done this to my own traveller's check fork, and LHT fork as well as co-workers. Don't worry- drill straight and it'll work out great.

FBinNY 12-27-13 10:34 PM

Drilling is always an option, but you don't have to sweat it if you're not comfortable doing it. A long bolt and nut will serve well, and you don't even need nylok. Front brakes were successfully bolted to forks with regular nuts and washers for almost a century before the hex head concept was introduced for fashion. Just

dsbrantjr 12-27-13 10:46 PM

I have used and recommend the long(er) bolt/Nylok nut (not washer) combination. No drilling needed.

RubeRad 12-27-13 11:51 PM

OK thx, I will go for the longer bolt and regular nut, with scalloped washer on both sides, since there's no danger involved.

RubeRad 01-01-14 02:18 PM

Ended up drilling it. At Home Despot, 6mm metric bolts didn't even come as long as the supplied one. 1/4" seemed imperceptibly close (to within the measurement accuracy of my $3 calipers) to 6mm, so I got a 1/4" bolt and nut. Turns out 1/4" is 6.35mm, and that's large enough so that I had to drill the hole in the hanger for starters, and I would have to expand both holes in the fork as well. So I decided I might as well just drill the fork. As assured above, it turned out to be quite easy. Fortunately, I had an individually-purchsed 5/16" bit from some other project (much better quality than my kit of smaller bits), and it drilled through in about 30sec. When I tried to hook it up, turns out my drilling was not straight, but angled downwards. So back in there with the drill, and wiggle it around, bingo, I'm good to go.

AND, the fork-mount brake hanger did the job as promised, brake shudder is GONE.

Bezalel 01-01-14 03:55 PM

I have the Forté branded hanger which AFAIK is the same hanger, just with 1 bolt. When I installed it I had to get a second washer so that it would clear the lower cup on my Nashbar touring frame. I enlarged to rear hole with a step drill to accept a Sheldon Fender Nut but if I didn't need fenders, I would have got a longer bolt and nylock nut.

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