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the sci guy 02-14-14 01:00 AM

alright i finally found a few higher angle stems. which one would you choose from this list?

this is the one i want but apparently they don't make it anymore, i can't find it anywhere: salsa pro moto 3

civia midtown
salsa guide stem: (can i use this - says its for MTB?)

aside from salsa i don't know any of those brands.

tcpasley 02-15-14 06:30 AM

You might want to search for vendors outside of =>,p_ord:p
Lots of vendors carry the Salsa Moto 3 stems.

Good luck.

the sci guy 02-15-14 11:11 AM

Thanks for that. I googled it with little results, but never thought to clip the shopping tab.

Everything arrived yesterday and I was able to take off the bar-end shifters, the brakes, and the old stem and handlebars. It was remarkably easy. I got as far as putting the new stem and bars on before valentine's festivities pulled me away. today i'll put the brakes an shifters back on, and wrap, and hopefully go for a ride to test it out.

tcpasley 02-15-14 01:35 PM

Congrats and have fun. I think you'll like the FSA Omega bars. I have a set - they're like the FSA Wing bars without the flat tops. The compact bend makes the drops more useful. I also have a set of Salsa Bell Lap bars, and I like the way they flare, but the drops don't work well for me.

the sci guy 02-15-14 11:39 PM

success! went for a ride today and definitely noticed a difference. much more comfortable in the drops, and i can now reach the shifters without leaning over even more.
thanks for the input everyone. it wasn't very hard, like y'all said.


jyl 02-16-14 02:00 AM

Looks very nice!

Kamau 02-16-14 04:23 AM

Nice, I switched out my stem and bars too last week and my back stopped hurting.

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