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josephgallawos 02-20-14 03:17 PM

yet another compatibility question
I recieved my shimano sl bs 77 shifters and the directions say it is only compatible with shimano dura ace RD? I have a shimano xt Rd m771. is it an indexing issue or what? or am i ok with that combo. whatcha think?

cannondale125 02-20-14 03:32 PM

It will work fine. They recommend it be used with dura ace but will work fine with your xt.

Gonzo Bob 02-20-14 03:49 PM

It will work. The little sticker on the shifter (and perhaps the directions) aren't very clear, but what they are trying to say is that the rear shifter will shift RD-7400 (the older Dura-Ace rear derailer from 6/7/8-speed era) at 8-speed spacing and the RD-7700 (the "9-speed" Dura-Ace rear derailer) at 9-speed spacing. This is because the older Dura-Ace had a different pull ratio than the new Dura-Ace. All other Shimano road rear derailers, and all other 2:1 pull ratio Shimano mountain rear derailers (9-speed and under) will work with those shifters for 9-speed.

Jeff Wills 02-20-14 04:05 PM

I agree with the Gonzo on all points.

A couple details: when assembling the shifters on your handlebars, make sure the indexing disk is in the correct position. It will "fit" four ways, but it will only work in one. If it's out of position, you can't get the shifters to index in all gears.

Also, make sure the center screw on the shifter is very tight. If it loosens, the index/friction switch can move to an in-between position and possibly break the shifter.

josephgallawos 02-20-14 07:35 PM

Thanks to all for the info! @ jeff, yes i read several other posts about the position of the piece and that part is pretty clear in the directions although i could imagine if you didn't have the directions it would be easy to overlook. I will tighten heck out of the screw too.

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