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speedy25 02-27-14 07:46 PM

My few experiences with machined Chinese product I have come to the conclusion they really DONT know how to do it!

I'm sure your fastener should be 6x1. I bet you can almost turn the tap in by hand. Just turn it in a little at a time and make sure it goes in straight.

Not a hard job. 6x1 is the only tap size I have worn out multiple times. Keeping one around will save you headaches later.


Thumpic 02-27-14 09:06 PM

Tap it already and be done with it.........

Kimmo 03-03-14 07:22 AM

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Let's pretend for a second the automatic censoring had a clue...


Originally Posted by FBinNY (Post 16533328)
Time to quit ***** footing

Yeah, we'll have no more of this, thanks.

Because that's totally what we were all thinking before the board got asterisk-happy... geez.

glockenspieler 03-14-14 08:08 AM

Just an addendum in case anyone else runs into this.

All the holes are now tapped and by all appearances, the manufacturer was just using a very worn tap M6 tap. Ours followed the thread but pulled out a good amount of additional material.

But, in the end, no worries. Just one of those quirks that might crop up when getting these off brand frames.

02Giant 03-14-14 08:33 AM

Great it all worked out for you!

fietsbob 03-14-14 09:11 AM

If you are thinking bottoming tap, I assume its post mount,
ISO would be fine with a common tapered type tap..

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