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JesseMN 02-27-14 01:04 AM

Dented Steel Frame
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Reaching out to the bicycle community for some suggestions. Here is an old Centurion bicycle frame that might date back from 77 that's what I am gathering from the bottom of the serial code. The frame is steel. What you are seeing is where a kickstand use to take place there and over time whomever had owned the bicycle previous kept on tightening the hole and little by little crushed the bottom of the frame. I was checking to see if there were any cracks and there are none. I really want to save this bicycle and turn it into a fixed gear but in the process don't want to buy parts and let the frame crap out on me. I was thinking just as an idea to have the bottom of the frame be re welded. Any help would be much appreciated.

Kindest Regards,

Homebrew01 02-27-14 06:54 AM

Clean it up, get some fresh primer & paint on it & ride it.
Check it periodically to see if any cracks develop.

big chainring 02-27-14 07:09 AM

Dented Steel Frame
Common occurrence. Look at the dimples on the driveside of the bike made for chainring clearance. A little flattening of the chainstays from an overzealous mechanic won't hurt anything.

JesseMN 02-27-14 10:32 AM

Good Morning,
Thanks for the help. This is going to be my project bicycle before the summer.

FBinNY 02-27-14 10:40 AM

The dents don't matter at all, but the depth of the rust might. I test these by probing with an ice pick. Scratch away to get a sense of the depth, and end by trying to push the pick through the thinnest place. Don't try to drive the pick through, just lean on it a bit.

HillRider 02-27-14 11:09 AM


Originally Posted by JesseMN (Post 16531290)
I was thinking just as an idea to have the bottom of the frame be re welded. Any help would be much appreciated.

I don't think that frame was welded, it was brazed. If you want to replace the damaged parts, you will have to have them re-brazed into place.

bradtx 02-27-14 11:33 AM

JesseMN, Very likely it'll be fine as long as there are no sharp creases. On my current build I had to make the very same judgement call, which I hope is correct. ;)


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